WIDA Standards

Teacher Training on WIDA Standards Made Easy for Every Classroom

WIDA (World-class Instructional Design and Assessment) was created in response to NCLB requirements for English learners regarding standards and assessments. It originally consisted of the states of Wisconsin, Delaware, and Arkansas and began from a grant provided to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction in 2003. Arkansas withdrew at the onset and within a year, the WIDA Standards were written. There is a rich history of the evolution and initiations by WIDA available on their website at www.wida.us.

Jane Govoni, Ph. D. and Bea Palls have prudently designed a teacher training for Florida teachers and pre-service teachers on the WIDA Standards with the primary goal to promote a user friendly approach to align lessons with the Florida Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS). Our training will provide teachers with ways to interpret and implement the WIDA English Language Development (ELD) Standards.

After examining the WIDA Standards and the role in language development across all content areas, teachers will begin to create lessons for students at varying English proficiency levels. WIDA provides an organization that is hierarchical with the highest level representing general statements about a wide range of communicative proficiency levels in a given content area; then, as the standards focus on Model Performance Indicators (MPIs), they become more specific about the kind of language proficiency being addressed (www.wida.us). The 10 Guiding Principles will be addressed to support teaching and learning, as well as ways to promote age-appropriate language in sociocultural contexts. Then, an overview of the Can Do Philosophy and Can Do Descriptions will be examined in order for all teachers to truly understand and demonstrate ways to present academic content at the appropriate language proficiency levels so that all English learners are able to participate with success in all content areas across all classrooms.

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