Preparing the Way: Teaching English Learners in the Pre-K – 12 Classroom (3rd Ed.)

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Data show English learners (ELs) enrolled in PreK-12 public schools are the fastest growing population; yet, research shows that ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) training is not required for all educators and school personnel across the nation. In the Thrid Edition, the editor facilitates the development of a reader-friendly ESOL guide for teachers, administrators, and school personnel through access to links and documents at www.esolinhighered.org. Twelve authors, with vast years of experience in TESOL, examine the struggles and challenges educators and ELs face in the mainstream classroom. Specific examples include: a teacher’s appreciation and understanding of the legal foundations of ESOL; encouragement and value of one’s own cultural awareness; a deeper knowledge of the aspects of the English language and its subsystems; an investigation of SLA theories and their application to the classroom; an examination of WIDA resources and links; ways to identify and meet the needs of SLIFE; an analysis of ELs with special needs; a reflection on gifted ELs; a discovery about the role of bilingualism; and assessment measures for ELs. This state-of-the-art edition makes connections at the beginning of every chapter to literacy and lesson planning with “new” teacher vignettes spanning several states. Additionally, educators will appreciate the hands-on practical activities, which provide for a strong knowledge base to plan appropriate lessons and interpret assessment data. This edition added an online multiple-choice test bank for every chapter. It is a valuable resource for ALL educators pursuing ways to meet the needs of ELs in U.S. mainstream classrooms.

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Title: Preparing the Way: Teaching ELs in the PreK-12 Classroom (3rd Edition)

Publisher: Kendall Hunt Publishing

Editor: Jane M. Govoni

Authors: 12 Experts in the Field of ESOL – see below

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