Policies, Practices, and Professionalism

ESOL Federal and State Legislation

Teacher Vignette

Ms. Miller earned her ESOL endorsement in a teacher education program in Florida. During her first two years, she did not teach any English learners (ELs). This current year, her assistant principal distributes a 3rd grade list with the home languages and proficiency levels of ELs in her class. She is hesitant about committing to recent knowledge on federal and state ESOL legislation and pursues a more comprehensive understanding in order to advocate for her students and parents as she plans for seven ELs, two gifted students, three ESE students, and ten other 3rd grade students. She decides to review landmark court rulings to reflect on her own teaching practices. The following Power Point presentations, documents, videos, and links provide information regarding ESOL legislation and policies, including the mandate in Florida which began in 1990 and set a path for district training and teacher preparation programs.