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The ESOL in Higher Ed Video Series features Jane Govoni, Ph.D. and other ESOL experts. They provide teachers with resources and knowledge to support them in the classroom as they work with English learner students. Check in regularly to learn the latest.

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Creating Confident English Learners to Eliminate Bullying
In this latest video series from ESOL in Higher Ed, Jane Govoni, Ph.D. addresses the issue of bullying with Captain Marty Ward, founder of Create Confident Kids to Eliminate Bullying. Research shows that bullying is evident across the nation and that students are absent every day due to fear of bullying. These acts include, but are not limited to, verbal, social, physical, and cyber bullying. Access Resources to Compliment This Video Series:
WIDA Made Simple
Jane Govoni, Ph.D., and Bea Palls, M.S., have designed an interactive and informative workshop to guide PreK-12 teachers in understanding WIDA. In this video they discuss the importance of WIDA training and reactions from teachers who have participated in their workshop. WIDA training with Jane Govoni and Bea Palls is practical, purposeful, and pleasurable – a hands-on experience that every teacher will want to have! Participants walk away with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to build lessons and assessments around the specific needs of ELs based on individual language proficiency and academic knowledge. Additionally, all students can benefit from the WIDA approach and mission. Request more information about WIDA training.

Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education
In this video series, Jane Govoni, Ph.D. and Andrea DeCapua, Ed.D., compare Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education (SLIFE) to English Learners (ELs) and how teachers’ strategies may differ for each.

As supplements to these video please see Andrea DeCapua's article.
Building Strategies for ELs with Special Needs
In this video series, Jillian Kornick-Woodward, Exceptional Student Education Expert, joins Jane Govoni, Ph.D., to discuss strategies for teachers to use in the classroom with English learners with special needs.