Consulting Services

The goal of the consulting services of ESOL in Higher Ed is to help all educators reach their highest potential of instructional delivery and assessment protocol for English learners in the PreK-12 classroom. Educators looking to enhance their knowledge and awareness of ways to foster and promote cultural awareness and English proficiency for all students can take advantage of our consulting services.

Our consultation services focus on addressing each program’s customized needs; these may include, but are not limited to the following:
• ESOL Course Development for Teacher Preparation Programs
• Infusion of ESOL Standards into Teacher Preparation Programs
• Workshops for Teacher Training on ESOL Strategies for the PreK-12 Classroom
• Workshops for Teacher Preparation Programs infusing ESOL Standards across Courses
• ESOL Course Development for District Trainings
• Consultations for Universities and Colleges offering Teacher Preparation Programs and initiating specific ESOL Standards into course work and field experiences.