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Teachers have an important task of educating today’s youth. It is crucial for every educator to have a toolbox fully equipped with the tools necessary to reach students of various cultural backgrounds and English proficiency levels. ESOL in Higher Ed assists all educators in effectively teaching and communicating with English learners.

+ Consulting Services Our consultation services focus on addressing each individual’s customized needs, including: ESOL Curriculum Development, ESOL Workshops and District Trainings, ESOL Infusion in Teacher Preparation Programs, and Evaluation and Review in order to integrate ESOL Standards across programs.

+ Textbooks This text is designed to cover the core curriculum required for the stand-alone ESOL courses in Florida’s teacher education programs, PreK-12 district training in ESOL, and ESOL coursework in all teacher preparation programs across the nation.

+ Articles, Apps, and Ancillaries Additional information and links to interactive forums, blogs, and events.

+ Teacher Training Check in regularly to learn about the latest tips in the ESOL profession.