English language learners and educators enter a new era. This school year two computer-based tests for English language learners will debut. By moving these tests online, educators anticipate they will be able to gain a more complete understanding of their students proficiency of the English language.

The online tests are being rolled out by two organizations. The first is the Word Class Instructional Design and Assessment Consortium, also known as WIDA. WIDA is a 36-state group and will launch its online test in November. The second is the English Language Proficiency Assessment for the 21st Century consortium (ELPA 21). ELPA 21 consists of 10 member states and will debut its test in February and March.

These tests are used to determine a student’s English-language proficiency and identify when they no longer need language instruction. A student is measured by their progress in learning to speak, read, write and listen in English.

EdWeek further explains how field tests were conducted earlier this year and their results. Use the link below to access this article.

As ELL Tests Move Online, Educators Hope for Better Gauge of Skills
Source: EdWeek.org, September 22, 2015